What is So Great About VW Campervans anyway?

People often ask me what its like driving a classic VW campervan, even more often than that I get asked….


Why decide to drive something that in the modern day and age is really just a skip on wheels?

Because…… its absolutely brilliant thats why. It is the epitome of travel, style and history. As soon as you step into the wheels of a classic, well restored VW camper, your cool style points multiply by 10. You are part of a culture and community of people that don’t get caught up in the everyday nonsense of the rat race.

You are the sort of person that lives for the freedom, lives for the fresh air and lives for the adventure.

Driving these vehicles can be sketchy at best!  Your top speed is probably only about 50 – 55 miles an hour so when traveling long distances, you just sit there and soak up the atmosphere. You take in all the sights.

You don’t need to spend your life zooming here there and everywhere.

I often say to people.

Don’t stress the small stuff. Don’t rush around.

Get in a campervan, chill out, smoke a doob, and take in what the road has to offer.



My current van is the 3rd one I have owned. This is a picture of my first ever van. It didn’t need much work doing to it at all. Which was a good job because back then I had very few skills in mechanical stuff, the previous owner took very good care of it and sold it to me at a decent price.

My second VW was an absolute disaster on wheels. In fact how it ever passed a VAT I don’t know, when I bought it, it wasnt a runner. It was to be my project, it taught me a lot about engines, restorations and also the downside of classic vehicles. The downside is of course the frustrations and amount of work that has to go into the bloody things to make them road worthy.

It never did make it onto the road. And I never got it through its MOT. But even though it was a love hate relationship I did build that eternal bond and it turned me into an obsessive VW club member. After a year of working on it whenever i could I sold it onto to a more experienced restorer, I did make some money on it mind you.

And that leads me to the vehicle I am driving today. The picture really does sum up what it is like to be on the road, traveling and pulling up at a nice quiet spot….

And enjoying the fact that you made it to a nice place without breaking down and having to call the AA!!

Camper Van parked outside a house in Thailand
My Camper Van parked next to a lake in Cornwall

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