Rant About Plumbers

So its the start of winter. It has definitely got colder here in Plymouth all of a sudden so the heating hs had to go on. The start of 5 months of contant problems for us.

Our boiler has shot it. Its about 20 years old and it struggles with life.

Should I go out and get a new one?  Well probably, but because of the awkward position the boiler is in in our house its going to cost an arm and a leg to replace. There needs to be some piping removed out of a false wall, the wall needs to be partially taken down and its will be a right mess and a shitload of work for a plumber.

The amount of money it will cost would pay for another epic trip to Africa or Asia so I just can’t bear to do it.

So we have to get the plumber out to bodge things up for us whenever the heating goes down. The last plumber was an absolute joke and I’m going to tell you the story that he made up to try and convince us that he couldn’t come to fix our boiler for 2 days because……

His pigeons had escaped and he was driving around to different parts of the county trying to find them.

His bloody pigeons!

Here we were freezing our proverbials off, needing emergency rescue and all our plumber was worried about was some flappy feathered birds who had finally escaped and were enjoying some freedom for the first time in their lives.

Keeping birds in cages….I mean come on. I am not one of these animal hugging nutters but a bird is a flying creature. How can you say you like birds and care about birds, only to cause then utter misery by shutting them in a cage and imprisoning them for the rest of their life!

Animal cruelty, thus causing customer care cruelty!

We were freezing, let the birds enjoy themselves. Come and fix our our boiler for gods sake!

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