I think I may have found a Sponsor!

We have been very busy getting our great VW Charity Dash organised and it has involved quite a bit of prospecting local businesses to raise the funds needed to make the event possible.

Pretty much all the money raised will go to charity, we just wanted to cover the fuel costs and have a bit for the admin side of things. Lots of businesses have expressed an interest in our venture but not many have put their money where their mouth is but I think we have one that will!

We are just getting all the details sorted, I convinced them by saying they would get full coverage of their company on my website and facebook pages. So I will be writing a kind of review on their company and telling you all how marvelous they are….

Which from what I’ve been hearing they very much are, and if they are prepared to sponsor a great cause then they get my vote.

In the meantime I am doing some work on my van. In its current state I dont think it would make it to Bristol, let alone a full tour of the UK. Part of the love of VW’s is of course the mechanical side of it. A lot of people get involved with these campervans becuase they thinks its cool or whatever, but if they are not mechanically minded or the practical tyope then sooner or later it will end in tears.

Alternatively it will end in a large bill form their mechanic. It’s the caring and nurturing of the vehicles whcih makes you a true campervan club member, not everyone enjoys that side of it. In my opinion if you don’t have thousands to throw away on mechanic fees, and you dont like getting your fingers greasy, then I advise getting a modern camper.

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