A Whole Day Lost

When it comes to technology if there is going to be a problem, you just know its going to be a big one.

Today I had the task of switching all my files, work, photos and other stuff from my laptop over to a brand new super duper desktop. I knew this was going to be torture and I just knew something was going to go wrong.

Not least because I had decided to buy a computer without an operating system. If you ever get a bright idea to do this yourself, don’t OK. Trust me don’t do it unless you are buying the disk with the computer in the shop.

I didn’t want to go into town to buy an operating software disk because it was too much hassle. I had the idea to download it onto my laptop, but it on an external hard drive and then plug it into the new computer.

This sounds straight forward but it unfortunately turned into a situation where i wish I had a short and quick way to end my life! It started with me forgetting to take the damn hard drive to my office to having to drive into town anyway because my USB stick wasn’t big enough for the job.

Then the one i bought didn’t flippin work, so I had to spend hours on the live chat with the software support team. Then  I finally got it up and running after more calls to the support team, only to experience a very similar situation with installing microsoft office. Which I can not live without.

By the time everything was good, set up and ready to do business, I had to go home.

Day gone.

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