New Business Idea – Outdoor Pursuits

We all have ideas and plans that at the time of creating them we are all very enthusiastic and full of energy for our chosen idea. But as time passes the mood we were in when we came up with the idea changes and more often than not we cant be arsed with the idea of continuing. Especially something that requires a massive amount of discipline like writing a blog! This website idea was great and for a while I really wanted to create a following but the posting stopped and I didn’t care for it anymore.

Well now Im back and I’m ┬ájust testing the waters with a new business idea so i thought i would share it here on my blog. Mind you this blog is probably just a note to myself now as all my avid followers have probably disappeared through lack of interest.

So I have decided to try and set up an outdoor pursuits company in Newquay.

I love the outdoors and I love sports and I love Cornwall. So it just seems like a great idea. If I can make a living out of it then it will be superb!

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