Some Building Work Required

OK so following on from my latest post about my new business venture in outdoor pursuits, I had some work to do!

After working from home in previous roles I’ve had, I’ve always found it difficult to concentrate and work a full day because of all the distractions that go on in our house. Our house has often been called a “Mad House” by our visitors and that is largely due to the fact that the people that live in it are mad! Mainly my kids, who seem to get louder and crazier as time goes on.

So, the decision has been to build my own private work space by extending on the side of our property. The other interesting decision about this idea is that I am going to do it myself. I reckon I am pretty handy at building and more importantly I know a lot of good mates who have various skills and will help in exchange for a couple of beers. Or I hope they will!

After reading this interesting article about the 5 rules of Extension Building    I am now ready to take on the world! This is going to be a building project of immense proportions and I am really excited about being a construction master. Builders have always amazed me at their trade skills and of course there are so many skills to learn. On a recent holiday to Cornwall I saw some building work which really impressed me. It was a house which was set right in-between two banks of woodland and the build was only at the foundation and “shell” stage so I could see exactly how it was being constructed. This framework has been the inspiration behind my own design for my office extension, I have even gone and got some plans professionally drawn out by an architect and have submitted the idea to the council for the usual nonsense of planning permission.

This will probably kill my enthusiasm somewhat because we all know how long that takes. The new business will need some storage space for all the equipment, for the different activities we will offer. It needs to be spacious as I hate small rooms and want a nice area for my desk and computer.

I will keep you posted and display some photos when we start the work.


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