2 & Half Years Have Gone By!

Incredible that this is many, many months since I have blogged on this website. In fact I had completely forgotten I even had this and it was still live!

So I think its cool that it is and I would like to pick up where i left off, I think it would be great to get going again

So what have I been up to?

Well….. I have been really busy building a new business. In fact its not that new anymore its been going for 3 years now. I am working in the digital marketing space and helping small business owners generate more customers.

I dont really want to make this blog a sales page for my web business so I am going to refrain from linking to my agency site but it would be cool to share my latest project with you. I have literaly transformed the fortunes of this company and am working with many others. I am in the construction industry on the whole, and i really like it if you checked out this business site in the roofing industry in Birmingham

So what plans do i have for this blog, well that can over to you…. what would you like me to discuss? Please comment below