Our Roofing, about as good as our boiler!

Our roof has been nothing but a nightmare ever since we moved here 10 years ago.

The tiles look OK from the outside but the reality is that they are really are not OK. We have had problems with damp and in the beginning we never really understood what it could be. We got dehumidifiers in, we had the windows open in the morning etc etc.

But we still got mould spores and condensation on the windows. And the place just felt damp which wasn’t very pleasant. My girlfriend didn’t like it at all as it effected her asthma, and after putting up with it for over a year I finally got to the bottom of what it was.

I went up into the loft to find something that had been stuffed up there when we first moved in and I noticed that all the loft insulation was absolutely saturated. The strange thing is the fact that it was so wet I just don’t understand how it didn’t come through the ceiling.

We must have some seriously waterproof material in between the insulation and the ceiling?

Anyway, it explained the damp problem. We had a roofing problem, water was getting in.

So back then I went through the process of contacting lots of Plymouth roofing companies so they could come around and assess the problem. But that was very confusing because they all gave different verdicts on what needed to be done. The prices varied from £450 to get up there replace a few tiles to £5,000 for a full roof replacement.

The felt underneath the roofing tiles needed replacing and to be fair even the cheaper quotes said that to fix that all the tiles would have to come off.

A lot of work and a very big job…..gulp!

So some of them said they could patch up the tiling on the outside that was causing the leak and it “might” be OK for a few more years but eventually the roof was going to have to come off and the proper job done. My opinion was not to mess around and bodge it up, this was a house that we planned to have for the foreseeable future so we really needed to do this job right.

So last week we went ahead with the work and we chose Roofers Plymouth  www.petenichollsroofing.co.uk  who we thought did a very good job. Pete and his team of workers did all the work over 2 days. They were lucky with the weather so when they removed all the tiles more water didn’t pour in.

One of the purposes of this blog was to review and rate products and services and I’m all for promoting local businesses so click on the link above if you live in Plymouth and need a good quality roofer. I will definitely vouch for them.

(editors note)  I must be open and honest here… I do have an agenda of some sorts!! I am hoping that local businesses will sponsor our first VW Charity dash so if I get a few customers going to them they might be persuaded to be a sponsor! So go ahead and give Pete a call! hehe

It began in Africa

I love the wilderness, the wild and of course I love to travel.

Usually in my VW campervan, but I wanted to write a little review about the trip I went on back in April 2016 that wasn’t in my campervan….. because I don’t think it would have got there to be honest!

I had the amazing pleasure of a an African safari in sunny South Africa.

It was Epic.

We saw all the awesome scary stuff that you hope to see, we mixed with the locals, we ate the food, we drank the beer and wine. It was all absolutely marvelous, probably the best holiday I have had.

The only thing that was missing was my beloved green campervan.

This is the resort we stayed in, it was 5 star…really really nice. And it was all paid for by my company, for being a top salesman. Thank you very much!

So the trip involved flying to Johanesburg, then we got a small internal flight to the airport near the game reserve. I can’t remember the airports name but needless to say it was basically a strip of mud and grass to land on. It was right next to the entrance of the game reserve and going through the gates into the park was just  like the intro to Jurassic Park.

So we spent a wonderful 3 days and nights enjoying the wildlife, the highlight being this fella here…..


We also got up really early, after a massive session on the local beer, to experience a sunrise hot air balloon ride over the game reserve. If you were like me, and have never flied in a hot air balloon, I would have to say that it is one of the most amazing feelings you can have.

It is just so quiet and calm, floating along in nothing more than an oversize picnic basket.

The picture does not really do it justice at all…..



The second part of the trip was in Cape Town.

So we got a flight from J’burg down to the Cape and stayed in an incredible hotel right on the edge of the ocean. We had our breakfast on a balcony restaurant within the hotel, and the setting was really beautiful. There was quite a hectic schedule covering 3 days and we were able to go up table mountain, see some African penguins, travel all the way down to the southern tip of Africa on the Cape.

We ate in some fantastic restaurants, we had an African drumming experience in a restaurant. All in all a very good time was had.

What a great way to start a blog. Awesome memories.

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